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Misc. A Tiny Tale - We won an award

Our team recently entered the first ever "Colors Of Indie" event hosted by Mooneye Studios.

Colors Of Indie celebrates the many facets of indie games and tries to help the developers of those games with visibility, feedback, and some development funding.

To enter, we submitted a 'pitch' of our game on Tiktok. Our submission made it into the final nominees, alongside many other incredible indies.

The final results were recently announced, and our team is honored to have won 3rd place. 🏆

"Misc. A Tiny Tale brings back a beloved genre of the past and works together with its dedicated community to bring you a fun story of friendship on an exciting journey."

What does this mean for Misc? As a winner of third place, our team will be receiving $200 which will directly go into the game's development.

We're touched and so thankful people believe in our game. 🙏🏻😭 We highly recommend checking out the other incredible nominees and winners on Mooneye Studios website. It was an absolute pleasure speaking to the Mooneye Studio team and pitching our game. They put together a special award ceremony which you can check out below.

"The small team at Tinyware Games comes from all around the world, from the U.S to Australia. They are a great demonstration of what the modern working world can look like. We've all had our experiences with remote work after the last couple of years and they have perfected it, since they have been developing their game for two years and never even met in person!"

This whole experience was really special to our team, so thank you once again Mooneye Studios for putting this together for the indie community. 😍

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