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Misc. A Tiny Tale - New June Trailer & Demo

As part of the 'Steam Next Fest', we've released an all-new demo that features the game's first two chapters. Previously, you could only play an early version of chapter 1. We've also put together a new trailer covering some things we've been working on outside the demo. Let's take a look!

Whats new in this demo?

  • Chapter 2 has been added and is now playable

  • The UI has had an overhaul, with cogs collected now being displayed in a meter.

  • Controls are now displayed on-screen as you play.

  • A loading screen/animation has been added.

  • Character physics and overall control has been adjusted.

  • Visuals overall have been improved for performance.

  • Fixed a major bug on low-end computers which should increase performance.

  • All cutscenes now run at 60fps with revamped visuals.

As stated in the patch notes, we've spent some time updating the UI to include a cog meter that counts up. I hope this meter helps people visualize their progress in the level.

In chapter 2, you'll find yourself in the vibrant 'Chirping Woods'. Clean gunk around the level with your new brush tool, help quirky robots around you and discover the mystery behind the robotic inventor Atom.

We hope you enjoy playing through chapter 2 and exploring the many improvements we've made to the overall game. Don't forget to stream the game on platforms such as Twitch! We have a 'Misc. A Tiny Tale' game tag set up so we can easily find your stream of the game and join in on the fun too.

We'll continue to work hard every day on the full version of the game. Stay tuned for more news.


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