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Misc. A Tiny Tale - Attending The Game Lab Convention

We recently got the opportunity to have a booth at the WA Museum "Game Lab" convention. This all-day free event gave the public the opportunity to play locally made games in Western Australia.

Attendees had the opportunity to play a demo of the game running on the Nintendo Switch! They had 8 minutes to play the game, choosing between the first and second chapters.

Our lead developer Michael also got to hop on stage to give a talk on "How to become a game developer". Many people attending the event were aspiring game developers themselves, so to be able to give them advice personally and direct them was a great feeling. Check out the full talk below!

Despite it being Mothers Day, over 600+ people attended the event. We had a lot of fun talking to other developers and local artists, meeting fans, and watching people have the opportunity to play our game. I want to thank everyone who came to the event and met us in person, and of course, everyone at the WA Museum who made the event a possibility. To see support from the local community for games is truly heartwarming - and a positive sign for things to come in WA.


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