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Playtest the first two chapters of 'Misc. A Tiny Tale' for a limited time

Hop into an all-new chapter! From today until January 12th, you can playtest the first two chapters of Misc. A Tiny Tale on G.Round. This is the first time we've ever showcased Chapter 2 and had it playable to the public.

Previously, only Chapter 1 was available to the public through our Steam demo (Which you can check out here). Chapter 2 continues the story and sees Buddy & Bagboy venturing through an all-new area, "The Chirping Woods".

Welcome to The Chirping Woods

We're no stranger to G.Round, who has helped us playtest Chapter 1 back in 2020 before we got some much-needed feedback and bug testing for our current Steam demo release.

If you're new to G.Round, It's a free platform that lets you playtest games before they release. By submitting your feedback to the developers, you help improve their game! In return, you get early access to these upcoming games for free during each testing period. On top of that, they offer points that you build up over time based on how many games you playtest and how constructive your feedback is. You can use those points to buy all sorts of goodies included G.Round branded gear such as a mouse and headphones.

We're not in any way sponsored by G.Round, we simply believe in their vision as developers ourselves. They've been a fantastic source of feedback over the years for Misc, so I highly recommend you check them out.

This new chapter has you helping many new robots, each with their own quirks and characteristics. We've worked hard on bringing these little character stories to life so I hope you enjoy them.

Your feedback will directly influence the game, so please let us know what you think. Today's an exciting day for the dev team. We can't wait to see you play and stream the new chapter. If you haven't already, be sure to check out the new trailer that also went out today.


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